Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Want to Know What the Chelsea Looks Like?

As I do every holiday season, I watched White Christmas while wrapping holiday presents this weekend (yes, I shop early...that's because I have to help everyone else in my family right about now).

When I got to the scene that starts at about 3:00 in this clip that I saw The Chelsea, the boutique hotel that opened up in AC this summer.

Well, obviously not the Chelsea, but the theme of the Chelsea -- that retro cool slick feel that they're going for with the same colors, shapes and decor. The white built-in book cases are almost identical.

At least that's what I think (and I have been writing about design for the last few months). I've heard people compare it to a lot of different pop culture items, and I struggled to think of an apt comparison myself. I think this is the closest I've gotten.

Plus it was an excuse to post part of White Christmas on the blog. I love the movie -- I even wrote about it in a grad school paper -- but it's completely ridiculous. I mean, they do the Minstrel number with a full orchestra and, when the song's over, it's a meager three man band in a barn. It's also full of gratuitous leg shots. Look for them next time you watch the film -- casually leaning against a crate; stretching before the next dance number; even painted on background signs.

Anyway, I hope to head back to The Chelsea soon. I visitied when it had just opened, and I've heard it's picked up steam since. Plus, my friends have given Chelsea Prime, the hotel's steak house, rave reviews. One even said the filet was the best piece of meat he'd ever had. So here's hoping.

Speaking of nightlife, want to vote for what in AC you think is the best? Then fill out the Atlantic City Weekly survey asking just that.

**UPDATE**Forgot to mention this: I'll be at this free Atlantic City event on Wednesday night. I've been to plenty eWomenNetwork events closer to home, but this is only my second down the shore. Should be fun!

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localocean said...

Gratuitous leg shots in White Christmas?! Oh my!! But wait, Methinks me saw something similar just a few days ago on this blog... gold lame dress at a high school reunion maybe??? And a Turkey-day run in sub-zero temps... in shorts. This blog should be "Legs at the Shore." I'm just sayin'

Jill said...

Quite possibly my favorite Christmas movie of all time. And as to the leg shots: they're retro-awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I'm heading down to The Chelsea in February. Got an awesome rate of $159 for a Saturday night. If I hadn't seen this place on your blog I would have not looked into staying there!