Wednesday, December 10, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Atlantic City's population is on the decline.

Apparently, home prices in AC are "extremely overvalued." This isn't a shocker to me -- can you imgine paying a few hundred grand for a condo in Atlantic City? I mean, it's a fun place to visit and all, but I think some developers were reaching too high too fast.

Boyd Gaming, which owns the Borgata, just took a hit.

But -- hey! -- here's some good news: wifi in AC!

And Michael Phelps was in town. That's fun.

This is s a nice article about Henny's closing.

Here's some pictures from a Cape May parade.

And here's some Strathmere pictures.

Gillians is having their annual holiday ticket sale -- deals to be had if you know you're going to be hitting the Ocean City boardwalk next summer.

Nothing makes a scandal like a sex tape (Atlantic City related -- promise).

Yikes! Expect to pay a whole lot if you get into a car accident in Wildwood. Yikes again.

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