Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside




What a cold, blustery weekend! Even though we didn't get the promised snow storm, I took a cue from Emily and hibernated this weekend. But it won't stay that way for long -- this week I'm working on a big piece about Atlantic City, interviewing the Morey brothers, and meeting Beth Ciotta, former AC show gal and now romance author. Good thing I hit up the REI sale this weekend. It's going to be cold down the shore.

But it's going to be even colder this upcoming weekend. Adam Joseph of 6ABC is calling temperatures to top out in the TEENS. The teens! What do you say to that, polar bear plungers? I think that's too cold for me to even watch on Saturday (and I also might be working on a story that has to do with the Eagles. I'm sorry for your loss, Giants. Well, not really).

So it's going to be a busy one in the world (and on the road) of Down the Shore with Jen. Now that I found my camera -- which, of course, was where it should have been -- I should have pictures along the way, too.

I played with that camera this weekend, and given that I spent the entire weekend with a dog bent more on hibernation than, well, doing anything, here is a series I call "Ms. January."

Meet Emily, a jack russell terrier mix from Collingswood, NJ. She never thought she was a pretty girl but blossomed in middle age.

Turn ons include long walks and peanut butter. Turn offs are squirrels and rude people.

In her spare time, she serves as CEO and Chairman of Jen A. Miller, Inc. She also sleeps a lot and looks adorable while doing so.

This is normally the spot where I'd include awkward high school pictures (involving bangs, no doubt), but since Emily showed up fully grown, I'll just use that silly one.

Cabin fever much? Good thing the job is getting me out of my house this week!

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Megan said...

aww what cute pictures :-D I can see where your coming from with this cold weather heading our way! ITS NUTS!!

Amy Rea said...

What a cutie!

But--sorry--temps in the teens is downright balmy compared to what we're expecting in MN this week. Temps *below zero*--and strong winds, with wind chills of -30F or more. We'd be thankful for teens!

The BIKE Lady said...

Just want to say that I love your blog posts. They're fun and generally unexpected.


DaveMcG said...

Amy, I was looking and we have nearly identical forecasts. Here in the VT mountains we should get down to near -27 here on Thursday night....Teens, sheesh, that's shorts and tee shirt weather...

CRCHAIR said...

Emily looks too comfortable in front of that fire. We hunkered down Saturday evening for the snow here in Connecticut.

Bridget said...

I think Emily and Rooney would totally dig it. He's a perfect gentleman 75 percent of the time, now that we've removed his balls.