Saturday, January 17, 2009

On the Obama train route

I'm not sure how you polar bear plungers are doing, but I'm still trying to thaw out my toes. Today was a COLD one, and I was out in it for three hours to report on Barack Obama's train stop in Claymont, Delaware today. My report was for the New York Times Caucus blog (under "Waving in Claymont"), and bits of it will probably be used in tomorrow's paper.

It was a fun time, but bitterly cold (the station is across the tracks from the Delaware River) and tiring. But here are some photos before I go figure out how I can get my toes to warm up.

Fun time, but tiring, and it was much colder than the boardwalk on Wednesday. Glad I added a fleece mask that covered part of my face.

Three pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, two pairs of gloves and four layers of shirts/coats helped, too.

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iconjohn said...

Looks like the same kind of scene where I was, but many more people. I started off at 30th St to see motorcade come in, then left for behind the area of the former Civic Center at U of Penn. I'm guessing it got to Claymont about 20 minutes after Philly. Posted a video of the events at
Worth the cold I might add!

iconjohn said...

Jen, was Claymont a "slow zone"? About 25 MPH?

Jen A. Miller said...

That sounds about right timeline wise. I stuck close to the TV guys, who gave the heads up from when the train left Philly. I waited on the pedestrian bridge to see it go by, then booked it to my car to beat the traffic out so I could write then file the story. It was a slow zone -- about 25 MPH or even slower is right.

Jen A. Miller said...

Also the third time my running training has come in handy on the job!

Anonymous said...

iconjohn, it was much slower than that -- the train crawled at less than 10mph, maybe as little as 5, while it was at the station. You can see video at