Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Hey you -- yeah, YOU! Recycle your clothes, please. It's very much needed in Ocean City.

Want to know how scared people are about the future of Atlantic City? Read this.

Speaking of, more on Resorts. I'm not a big fan of a lede (that's "lead" in newspaper speak) to the story -- the casino has a Boogie Nights dance party that's quite popular, so that lede is confusing, too.

But that Aces train is still a-coming. I'll be taking a ride on Friday. Of course, I will report back (as if you ever doubted it!)

Commentary about Miss America that I'd put in the "yeouch" category. I didn't bother to do a post this year because she's so far gone from Atlantic City. Yes, you'll find some crown stuff here and there, but she really has been booted out of town.

Scrabble night in Stone Harbor!

Small town politics are afoot in Ocean City.

Yes, the shore is quiet in the winter, but I like it that way -- no offense to the summer crowds! But there's something to a cold, windy beach that is calming. Nothing quite like it.

Ah, here come the Golden Nugget stories. I'll be there on Saturday. Ceremony starts at noon. Will you be there? My dad's excited about getting a nugget of the nugget for himself, but even Jack Morey admitted that he has no idea how many people will show up.

But, hey, they carts will keep riding on! Just in a different place.

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