Wednesday, January 21, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Still wondering what to do with your old Christmas tree (hey, some people take their time): what about dune builder?

That's one cold beach. But it's not too cold for birders.

Or for the Wetlands Institute to keep holding events.

Or for Harlow, a pup from Strathmere, to eat snowflakes.

Get your kilt on! Thursday is Cape May's infamous Robbie Burns dinner. They're serving haggis, which sounds gross but I've tried and can say wasn't too bad. Though one Scottish friend told me it's sorta like salt water taffy in Scotland in that only the tourists eat it. If meat's not your thing, they'll be serving a vegetarian option, too.

Interesting...Cape May diamonds on Etsy.

Remember that dentist who allegedly dumped medical waste that washed up along the Jersey shore this summer? He plead not guilty.

More Strathmere land issues...for such a small shore town, it sure does generate a lot of news.

Be careful at your shore Wawa (the ones that are left anyway).

If you're looking for a shore deal, you might want to click here.

Also, the Golden Inn Hotel in Avalon is doing Girlfriend Getaways until February.

Not a surprise, but still scary to read: the coast could be in trouble.

Ever wonder what about that tower you pass on your way to the Cape May Lighthouse? Here's your answer.

I remember when this happened: after a rehearsal dinner in Strathmere, a bridesmaid to the wedding was killed in what appeared to be a drunk driving accident. The driver of that car was indicted yesterday.

The shore is not immune to the country's housing woes.

DOG SHOW IN WILDWOOD JANUARY 29 TO FEBRUARY 2! It's the same weekend as the dismantling of the Golden Nugget. I just might have to go.

And just because:

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Anonymous said...

So the trees that go for dune building--are they picked up off the street or do you have to bring them to the public works' department?

I ended up dragging my neighbor's cut Christmas tree out of the trash yesterday and tossing it in my woods. I did the same last year. Didn't she hear that our town was offer curbside Christmas tree recycling this year?

Jen A. Miller said...

I'm not exactly sure, but from the way the article reads, I'm guessing they were picked up by the township. Let me see if I can find out more...

My mom uses the branches to cover her shrubs and then mulches them.

Jen A. Miller said...

Leah: Answer to your question: the trees were picked up by public works

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the Cape May Public Works department!

Life On The Edges said...

Thanks for the link! That's funny that they're asking people to save Christmas trees for the dunes. I noticed some of them out on the dunes at Ocean City last weekend (probably from last year, judging by the look of them) and wondered, because they tell us NOT to do it in Delaware! Here's the press release from DNREC.