Monday, January 5, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Here's more info on the ACES train (and, yes, I am taking a ride on it as soon as it opens. Weeeeee! I like trains!)

Want some super cute pictures from a chilly Sea Isle City? Then click here.

Speaking of Sea Isle City...want to bike from there to Washington, DC?

Diamond Beach robbery!

Will Wildwood be using rainforest wood on the boardwalk? That didn't go over too well in Ocean City last year...and what is wrong with people? I'm not referring to the rainforest wood issue, but what people are saying in the comments. Ugh.

See? I'm not the only one who loves the shore in the winter.

Elizabeth Norton shares her top shore picks of 2008.

I wasn't kidding when I said Cape May was a destination for birders from around the world. Here's a great site for them (and any birders in the area).

And here's another "best of."

Wildwood's high school might close. This has been a problem in shore towns since prices skyrocketed and houses were bought out for big vacation homes -- less year round residents.

Bad news for Trump.

And bad news for Atlantic City in general. Oh, wait -- here's some more.

But -- hey -- they're trying.

General blog alert: Atlantic City Weekly's got a great one.

Barnegate Lighthouse lights again!

Here's information about all the polar bear plunges that happened last week. I gotta admit it: I don't get it (I don't get Mummers, either). But I'm hoping to check out either the Wildwood or Sea Isle plunges...

I'm excited about Boardwalk Empire, a new HBO series that seems to have gotten the greenlight. It's about Atlantic City in the 1920s.

Anyone resolving to lose weight in the new year should read this article -- that's dedication.

Not shore related, but I got a new computer over the holiday break (Macbook weeeeeee!) and have been re-doing my itunes collection, which reminded me that Ari Hest, one of my favorite artists, was working on a 52 songs in 52 weeks project last year. Well, the cycle is now complete and you can download all 52 songs here or buy them on itunes. I've been listening to it all morning -- highly recommend it!

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