Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Add Water

This is it! The big race weekend! My second run through the Ocean Drive 10 Miler! I've spent 10 weeks training to hopefully blow away last year's time! And what do I get?

Rain. Lots and lots of rain in the forecast. David Murphy of 6ABC used the words "heavy downpour" to describe what weather we might be getting on Sunday morning.


Does that mean I won't race? No way! I've put in too much time to give it all up now. But I can certainly grumble about it. A bit. A little? OK, I'm done (at least on the blog).

I had another small problem, though: no rain gear. I have running clothes for every other climate and temperature, but nothing for the rain (because that's what treadmills are for, right?) So I hightailed it to REI Wednesday night and ran around the store in various jacket/hat get ups (literally -- put one on, ran around the store, tried on another, until I found the right fit). So on Sunday, I will be the giant carrot on the course via the REI Baypoint Jacket:

I went for a lighter shell that's rain resistant rather than a heavier rain proof coat. I'd rather sweat less, and I know I'm going to get soaked anyway. Hopefully this will keep me somewhat dry.

I also picked up an REI Cool Cap which I just realized in writing this is made for kids. Well, it fits my noggin:

So if you're looking for me on the course, this is the combined effect:

Scowl added to approximate how I'll feel at the finish.

Seriously, though -- I won't be someone you want to talk to after the race. Better bet is to catch me at La Costa for the post race ceremonies where you'll find me in unmatching, oversized dry clothes sitting next to this guy. Hopefully he won't be making that face -- though being surrounded by dirty sweat runners? I might be making that face.

And if the race doesn't go according to plan? Well, there's always Broad Street...

On another note, I've mentioned a few times that I'm a fan of LeSportsac products. I swear they do not pay me, but after shopping for rain gear at REI, I picked up a Extra Large Weekender bag in the "Bumper" pattern from Loehmann'sand have dubbed it my "shore" duffel bag. Normally, I wouldn't bring such a big bag for a weekend trip, but I'm packing a lot of race options (I think I'm running in shorts but am bringing tights, and I'm unsure what top to wear). It's about time I replaced the previous options, which were either a laundry basket or a bag that a former roommate from my first out-of-college house housing left behind when she moved out (she also left bags of trash that I guess she expected me to take out for her). Anyway, the bag pattern's retired, but here's a picture via ebay. I only paid $64.99 at Loehmann's, so if you want one, get thyself to Loehmann's!

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