Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On the Radar

Shore season is heating up, even if it's still winter outside (BOO!) Here's what I've got on my radar:

March 27: Terry-Oke karaoke at Rio Station Restaurant in Rio Grande. I hear it's getting rowdy in there. I might even be singing. Might.
March 29: Ocean Drive Marathon/10 Miler. Five days left! I hope 10 weeks of training helps out. I ran a 5k on Saturday. Didn't push it, but still finished with a great time. Here's hoping it all pays off (and doesn't rain).
April 2: Coin slot machines are back at Resorts! I'm checking things out on April 3 -- an evening that will be combined with a visit to Boogie Nights, Resort's retro dance night. And, yes, I will be wearing a vintage dress, a peach sherbert disco confection found at Sazz Vintage in Philadelphia.
April 10-12: Easter Weekend. This is the first time I'm spending all of Easter Weekend down the shore, and I'm looking forward to it. A lot of places that shut down for winter start opening back up this weekend. It's an unofficial start to the shore season.
April 18: The Doo Dah Parade. I can't go this year -- WAH! I'm so upset I don't even want to talk about it, but if you go, know this: tax free shopping in Ocean City that day.

Anything on your spring shore radar?

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Franco Sicilia said...

I have been craving Mack's pizza in Wildwood since Irish Weekend. I can't wait for Easter to kick the boardwalk back into swing.

Leigh Wetterau said...

I'm so excited about the 10 mile race!

Ann Delaney said...

I make a point each year to cheer the racers along as they come through Avalon...usually from my car, because it is almost ALWAYS cold and rainy! Good luck- hope the weather is ok.