Monday, March 2, 2009

Up in Asbury

Last week, I made a trip up to Asbury Park and Ocean Grove for an article I'm working on -- well, articles. I'm swamped in shore writing right now (yes, even as it snows -- magazine deadlines come early), and some articles are about the entire rather than just the South Jersey Shore. I spent a good deal of time north of Atlantic City over the summer, but wanted a refresher course while working on Summer 09 stories.

Here's a few photos:

I also snuck into the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel. The exterior:

The interior reminded me of The Chelsea in Atlantic City, but really retro instead of new retro:

It was a fun day but frigid -- not too cold for ice cream at Nagles in Ocean Grove, though. Still, a cup of coffee and a seat in the sun at Twisted Tree Cafe in Asbury Park was greatly appreciated.

I like Asbury -- a lot. I hope to come back again in the summer to hang out on the rooftop deck at the Watermark, which has the coolest liquor display I've seen at the shore (I snuck in there, too -- I'm really not that sneaky, but I sometimes walk into places where I might not belong). Their fireplace would be good right about now.

Here's me and Emily in the snow:

And, no, I have no idea why I look bald in that picture, but at least my head was warm!

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Anonymous said...

you were in my neck of the woods. love ap. could have given you some good restaurants to eaten at. i'll be hitting up asbury lanes this friday night for a burlesque variety show. now that's a story you should cover!