Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on Tracy Hottenstein

Jason Nark over at the Daily News has been covering the Tracy Hottenstein story -- she was the woman found dead after the Sea Isle Polar Plunge. According to Nark's latest story, she didn't drown. She died some other way.

This is scary and sad for a lot of reasons. She seemed like a bright, young, intelligent and well liked woman (one of her friends has already commented on this blog). She's just like anyone who goes to a bar down the shore. How many times have you stumbled out of the OD in Sea Isle in the wee hours of the morning? I know I have -- what happened that Hottenstein ended up dying too soon?

Sad story. I'll keep posting updates as they come along.

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1 comment:

Zoey Castelino said...

Makes it really sad that this happened in my hometown. Never good to hear about something like this.