Thursday, March 5, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Atlantic City's Restaurant Week has been such a success that some restaurants are extending the specials to March 14.

Hey, even New Yorkers are promoted it, though peppering at least this report with lame (and untrue -- landfill? really?) attempts at jokes. Yes, I did have my say in the comments. Go ahead and make one, too, if you like.

Cape May's proposing a 1.1 percent tax increase.

Controversy about using rainforest wood for Jersey boardwalks has reached NPR level.

Yeah Sea Isle! You're getting an amusement pier! Looks like the Gillians of Ocean City will, if all goes to plan, be putting rides in at the foot of the JFK bridge. Anyone who went to Sea Isle in the 1980s remembers Fun City. After it was knocked down, my parents had no reason to take us there anymore. Even the "cretewalk" (which is what we called the boardwalk without boards) was far less interesting. With the Gillians behind these new rides? I hope it happens -- and can't wait to see it.

Public Service Announcement: Don't talk on your cell phone while driving, especially down the shore.

This situation just keeps getting worse.

Official word is lender can foreclose on Resorts.


Antique's Roadshow is coming to Atlantic City. I LOVE roadshow. Love love love it. The best are the recap shows that put together the big ticket winners -- as the show progresses, the attic junk becomes more valuable and the reactions grander. Love it. I'd expect a lot of casino memorabilia, at least in what they choose to broadcast.

Some gamblers are asking to be banned from casinos.

The Wildwood Pretzel was right!

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Zoey Castelino said...

Sea Isle City! MY hometown! Glad to see the idea is in the maybe/planning stages. Fun City was a staple for anyone who lived or visited my fair town. I hope this new one will be too.