Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Luck o' the Irish

Now that we've turned the corner into March, it's time to think about St. Patrick's Day. Well, someone's thinking about it because green flags with shamrocks have sprouted up all over Collingswood (and look pretty speckled in snow).

The Tropicana is doing a "Running of the Leprechauns" on Saturday. This will be a lot like the Running of the Santas, though I will not be there to pose with Hooters girls -- I'll be at the Red Ball (yes, I will be wearing the gold dress and I have a date for those who care -- I'm pointing at you, www.the700level.com).

For details about the Trop, go to www.RunningoftheLeprechauns.com.

I know there's a lot more stuff going on, and of course I'll be writing about it -- but what do you consider a Shore Irish favorite? (aside from Bag Day, which I'll write about again this year).

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