Thursday, March 12, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Blackfish is opening in Stone Harbor -- I believe in the old Henny's spot.

Worst monthly revenue decline ever for Atlantic City: a whopping 19.2 percent drop.

Like to take pictures? There will be photo workshop in Cape May this summer.

Sherlock Holmes weekend is coming!! Sleuthers, get ready! It'll be in Cape May March 20-22.

More details on Antique's Road Show's visit to Atlantic City.


Dear Pinnacle: Just pull the plug already. Your billboards make me angry.

There's going to be a job fair in Cape May County on April 30.

The River Line, a light rail from Camden to Trenton, will be getting another station. It will allow passengers from that train to transfer to the "Gambler's Express," the NJ Transit train that runs from Philadelphia to Atlantic City.

This item on the Wildwood Fitness Expo reminded me of something anyone doing the Ocean Drive 10 Miler or Marathon on March 29 needs to know: miles six through 10 have changed. They're not on the boardwalk anymore. BOO. Why? Boardwalk construction -- yes, putting all that rainforest wood into the boards -- is the reason.

How's everyone who's training for the race doing? My training is going well, though I woke up with just awful foot cramps two nights ago. Hopefully some bananas and a day off will help. I would be crushed if I can't run those 10 miles, though I think I'll be fine. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and Upcakes which you all know I love? They made it to the White House. I have nothing to link to because Tracey, the owner, emailed me directly. How about them apples? Or Upcakes?

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John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Yeah, those Pinnacle billboards are such a joke now. They certainly talked a big game, didn't they? - John

Ann Delaney said...

Thanks for the scoop on Black Fish in Stone Harbor- I was able to update my Blog with the correct information. There is a dumpster on site- the transformation of Henny's is underway.