Monday, April 6, 2009

Get Down!

What fun!

On Friday, I went to Boogie Nights at Resorts and had A BLAST. My peach dress was a hit -- some of the girls working at the club wanted to know where I got it. The music selection was retro, up beat, and fun (though I wondered how "Ice Ice Baby" fit into the 70s mix, but, hey, it was fun). Perfect for groups -- lots of space, and you could either sit down and hang out or dance. I danced. A lot.

Here's a few pictures. How cool was the light up floor!

Yes, that's me and Danny Bonaduce, who at one point took his shirt off, then climbed the light scaffolding. Weird, but he liked my glasses.

BUCKETS! I tried out the coin slot machine and lost $5. But I did get a few buckets as a souvenir.

Before Boogie Nights, I stopped in at the Tropicana's Philadelphia party (which was really a Phillies party but they couldn't say "Phillies"). Voila:

That is the one and only Geator with the Heater, the Boss with the Hot Sauce: Jerry Blavat. He's been spinning golden oldies in the Philadelphia and shore area for decades. Very friendly guy. He had a following, too. They do a very good Bristol Stomp.

Allow me to explain this one: after Boogie Nights, I took the pedestrian bridge from Resorts to the Trump Taj Mahal to check out the Casbah (also fun!) On the way over, I passed these fish. They looked very angry. I wondered why the fish were angry, so I sat with them and pretended to be angry with them. It was silly, but, like the entire evening, fun.

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