Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ocean Silly

Yesterday, I was honored to be part of Ocean City's annual Miss Crustacean pageant where the fairest maiden of them all was given a beautiful cucumber cup for her supreme beauty.

It was all very silly -- and hot. I should have worn suntan lotion and bug spray (those darn greenheads got me). But it was fun and reminded me more of a fourth of July bike parade than actual beauty pageant. Here's a lot of pictures (the first is of 1 2 3 Draw, a fun teenage rock band):

That last picture is of the winner from the Halloween/Herman Munster themed house. I included the second to last picture because, after all, a queen must have her paparazzi.

Very silly, but, for the 34th year in a row, very fun.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh this is cute. I wish that I had seen this post on Thursday. My daughter and her girlfriend left for Ocean City on Wednesday evening 'til Sunday--and they took their pet hermit crabs with them. They are 12, and treat their little crabby pals almost like puppies!(That's from the Philly burbs back to the shore. He-he.)