Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, that was fast.

I saw this sign in Sea Isle over the weekend. Gillians, probably most known for Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, has already started construction on their new Sea Isle project to be called "Funland." Target date? Memorial Day 2009. This summer! About six weeks away!

I like the two parts of the name: "Fun" a hat tip to "Fun City," which was the name of Sea Isle's old ride pier and "land" to connect it to "Wonderland." At least that's my guess behind it.

I had a nice albeit busy weekend down the shore -- all fun, minus the oysters from one Cape May restaurant that shot me to the bathroom (and, no, I'm not saying who it was). I was surprised at how many people were actually out in Sea Isle. The Dead Dog Saloon was bumping. I feel bad for the bartender, who was obviously overwhelmed working the room by himself, but the crowd didn't seem to mind too much. He also wasn't able to enforce their "collared shirt" rule for men. Speaking of collars, I was also startled about the number of popped collars in the crowd. I thought that was passe? Or at least put away for the winner? Though I do give props to the gentleman who showed up with a collar AND a rockstar mullet on Saturday night to Dead Dog. Well played, sir.

Also, what was up with the string instruments on Saturday night? Both O'Donnell's Pour House and the OD had bands with string instruments (a cello at Pour House and violin at OD). I'd guess that you won't see that this summer.

My favorite spot was Braca's. I took a walk after the oyster incident to see how I felt and ended up having a drink at the bar. I've never been there as a bar spot, and I just might have to go in the future -- but not before a trip to Funland. No way I'm getting on a ride with alcohol in my belly or else I might be shot to the bathroom again.

I also give props to Mack and Mancos for serving up a fantastic Easter lunch of two plain slices of pizza with a large birch beer. The Ocean City boardwalk was PACKED, and everything open on Easter, which surprised me. All in all a great day. Ten more degrees warmer, and it would have been perfect.

I'm away from the shore for a bit, but still writing about it (of course). More about the Doo Dah Parade (which I can't go to -- HARUMPH!) later this week.

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