Monday, April 20, 2009

Restaurant Cat Fight

Some interesting news came out this weekend: restauranteur Stephen Starr has sued the Pier Shops at Caesars, saying that they duped him into coming into the complex. The suit alledges that not only is the third level of the pier "half full" but that the folks who developed the pier lied to him about what other clients were coming.

I'm not exactly shocked by this. The Pier was plagued with construction delays, missing the sweet spot of the summer shopping season at the shore. I remember getting press packets with information about the tenants, including Rum Jungle and English is Italian, that never materialized. Starr's suit says that those tenants did not have binding leases, so when construction delayed, they pulled out -- but the developers ensured Starr that they DID have binding leases.

It's bound to get messy. It's also bad PR for the area since it means Starr's restaurants on the pier are losing money. Without the Continental and Buddakhan, well, that third floor is in big trouble.

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Anonymous said...

I know very little about the AC restaurant scene, but this sounds fun.