Wednesday, April 8, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Beach tag prices in a lot of towns are going to stay the same this year. Bonus: expect more free events, too.

Cape May's Beach Theatre plans on showing movies this summer, but their lease is up.

Wildwood boardwalk improvements are finished in time for Easter Weekend. But not everyone's happy with the use of rainforest wood for the repairs.

Blackfish is opening on Mother's Day weekend in Stone Harbor.

Sway from MTV is going to host a Rock Band competition at Harrah's on May 7.

AC casinos cut 400 jobs last month.

Sad update on a sad story. Don't drink and drive, folks (and I don't know of anyone who feels sober enough to drive after 10 cocktails).

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Trish Ryan said...

I always found the beach tag thing so strange, being from Maine where we charge for parking instead. Then I saw the number of people headed for the shore and understood NJ's strategy :) Still though, it's good that prices will stay low this year. People need some fun beach time more than ever.

Justin Gaynor said...

Trish, here in NJ we charge for beach entry AND parking :) It's the Jersey way...