Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day

Tax Day! The day the 24-hour post off puts my hometown of Bellmawr on the map! My mom used to drop her taxes off on tax day specifically see the crowds. I passed on that and mailed in my taxes (and money since I make estimated quarterly payments) last week.

Still, it's never fun to hand over sizable chunks of money to the government, or wrangle through Turbo Tax on a Tuesday night. So, to celebrate the end of today, may I suggest Ocean City's Doo Dah parade?

On Saturday, about 500 basset hounds and other dogs (a lot of Beagle/basset mixes) strutting down Asbury Avenue and the Ocean City boardwalk. I went last year and had a grand old time.

Unfortunately, a certain Jack Russell Terrier mix would be joining them this year. But if you go, things kick off at noon.

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