Thursday, April 2, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Let's get the bad news out of the way: the Atlantic City Surf is no more. The Surf never really caught on. It's sad -- their games were a family friend option in AC.

But I've also got excellent news: as of yesterday, Lucy the Elephant is open for the season! I just happened to be driving by yesterday and saw cars in the parking lot. The folks working in the gift shop were practically giddy. Nothing says happy like a giant elephant, and nothing says silly souvineer like Lucy in a Santa hat. On a nightshirt. That was half off.



Can you blame me? Moving on...

Here's more good news: named Atlantic City a top-ten golf cities in America story. AC ranks 6th to be exact.

Another tax hike for Strathmere? Yikes. No wonder they wanted out of Upper Township.

Looks like the Trop might finally have a buyer.

No more no-dealer poker in AC.

Want a Wildwood shore home? You might want to check out this auction.

Looks like summer rentals are OK, though.

Bank robber caught in Atlantic City!

This looks like fun: new tours in Cape May this year!

AC spas got a great write up in the New York Times.

Could be at least ONE new construction project in Atlantic City.

Wildwood's downtown will be getting a redevelopment grant (sorely needed -- sorry guys, but parts of the downtown scare me).

Hey, thanks for naming this a "Best Blog."

The 30th Annual Great Cape May Foot Race will be on May 16. I wanted to run it last year, but it was the day after my father's wedding, and I had the foresight to realize running at 9am would not be on the top of my priority list. Hopefully I'll be able to go right ahead and run the 10k this year.

And tomorrow was the kick off of a Resorts' retro weekend - coin slots are back, and Boogie Nights bumps on Friday and Saturday. More on that tomorrow...

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