Sunday, April 26, 2009

Raise Your Hand...

...if you're sunburned. I am not a lobster, but I am sporting a shade of pink on my skin today.

My toasting was not gotten down the shore, but I heard from many people who were there and said it was packed. Anyone else have a story about the weekend to share? I bet the beach was packed but water, well, not so much.

Speaking of stories, here's one I had in today's Philadelphia Inquirer about a North Wildwood condo renovation. Neat piece! I love writing about how people turn a property into a home -- especially down the shore.

Now, let's take notice of this weekend: it was the last weekend in April. That means May is literally around the corner. May means the kick off the Shore Season -- May 22 is closer than you think!

But the shore, as always, is coming to you early on this blog. I was just handed a major travel assignment about the Jersey Shore -- the ENTIRE Jersey Shore -- an out of the five weekends in May, four will be spent researching (yes, even Memorial Day weekend, which I was supposed to take off. Ah, well). So expect a lot of pictures and stories from all of Jersey's coast for the next month.

And that one weekend I'm not working on the shore story? I'll be in Key West. Key West! I've only been once, and it was a brief stop on a cruise wedding, so I am looking forward to four days in the keys! At least I'll already have a base tan...

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