Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEA: Salt Water Taffy Edition

Yesterday, I hit up Book Expo America, the largest publishing conference in North America. I've gone to BEA for the last five years, but as a journalist looking for story ideas. This was the first time I went as an author.

(Sorry for the not great picture. My publicist is great at what he does, but is not apt at taking iPhone photos - hi Tom!)

The 50 books my publisher brought with him were gone in under a half hour. And what a half hour! I only had one person make a snarky Jersey Shore comment, and after talking to him about the region for two minutes, he took a book. Some of you blog readers found me, as did my Twitter friends (hey guys!), but what was really nice were the people who were about to breeze by, and stopped when they saw the four boxes of salt water taffy. I could see the switch of nostalgia flip on in their brain. "I haven't had this in years," said one woman from California. And of course she took a book.

I couldn't have asked for a better day, though it was an exhausting one.

Reaction so far has been fantastic. I'm mailing out about 20 books tonight, too. If you'd like a signed copy, let me know and I'll arrange on getting one to you (they're only $20 and make great Father's Day gifts)

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