Friday, May 13, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 30: The Diving Horse Cabaret was once Club Tru

Folks, sorry for the delay on this one., which hosts the blog, had a major mess up today, which deleted posts (now restored) and prevented me from posting the fact of the day this AM. But I'm here now.

Last night, the dude and I went to check out The Diving Horse Cabaret so I could see for myself whether or not it's a strip club.

It's not. It's a place in line with other clubs in Atlantic City, like mixx, mur.mur, Providence, and Dusk. There's featured dancers and, yes, stripper poles, but they're not naked. The shoes are sky high and some of the bikinis electric day glow, but no nudity.

It's not a burlesque house, either, which was slightly disappointing given the video on the website.

The steakhouse portion is separate from the dance floor, though it's not open yet. There are, I'm told, going to be additional spaces and lounges and rooms opening up throughout the summer. The club and steakhouse, though, will be open May 20, I was told.

I think it will do well. It's a club-like experience without dealing with a casino. If they market it right, I think it'll be very popular this summer.

They also have the old horse diving horse from the Sands (RIP), which is where the name comes from. It's lit up and hanging from the ceiling over the dance floor.

Now, for that fact: The building itself used to be Club Tru, which was either a gay club, or a rave club (read: lots of E), or both. Definitely a gay club - it used to host the Miss'D America pageant. The rave thing is based on conversations from years ago that I won't relay here to protect the ravers. To think what they're doing'd never know.

Anyway, I'm off to the shore. Cape May tonight and tomorrow, then Atlantic City through Monday. I'll be tweeting along the way, including Foursquare checkins. You can follow along here.

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