Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 29: Tina Fey Vacationed in Wildwood

Tina Fey's from Upper Darby. Any surprise that she also spend summers down the shore? Here's an excerpt from her new book Bossypants about when she was 13:

"Wildwood is a huge wide beach--the distance from your towel to the water was often equal to the distance from your motel to your towel. And 'back in the day' the place was packed exclusively with very, very tan Italian Americans and very, very burnished Irish Americas. As a little kid, I almost always got separated from my parents and would panic trying to find them among dozens and dozens of similar umbrellas."

She also mentions how you could listen to General Hospital if you turned the radio down to a low number on the FM dial. This is how my dad sometimes listened to 6ABC Action News.

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Carol said...

Oh my god - listening to General Hospital on the beach (we vacationed in Ocean City, NJ). I haven't thought about that in years!!