Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tony Luke's to Finally Open in Wildwood Crest?

According to Wildwood 365, yes. The grand opening for the Tony Luke's in Wildwood Crest is scheduled for May 21.

I poked fun at Tony Luke's in a recent post, and for good reason.

The dude's friends were in Sea Isle in July and drove down to Wildwood Crest to get cheesesteaks because they saw an ad about Tony Luke's opening in "Summer 2010." When they got there,though, nada. For the rest of the week, "driving to Wildwood to get a cheesesteak" was a running joke.

Then the opening was pushed back to September 2010. Then November 2010.

This opening looks more promising. I hope it sticks.

**UPDATE** Apparently, it's been open Thursday through Sunday for a few months. I guess it's a PR stunt? Seems like an odd one considering the delays.

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Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Maybe now he can get moving on the one in Sicklerville, I have seen the sign for a year now.

kimvic said...

As one of the owners of Tony Luke's Wildwood, I can tell you that we opened our doors on Black Friday, 2010. We remained open through the winter from Thursday - Sunday. We opened 7 days on Easter Monday. We had our "Grand Opening Celebration" on May 21, 2011 because when we opened in November, we wanted a low key opening. We wanted to do a big celebration when it got closer to the summer season.

The delays in opening during the Summer of 2010 were construction delays. Not much we could do about that. Opening in the off season turned out to be the best thing for us since we were able to train and prepare for the "in season" crowd.

We are happy now that we are in our first summer season at the Jersey Shore. The public, both locals and summer people, has been awesome and welcoming.

We are a direct sister store of the Philadelphia store with one of the owners being Nicky Luke, who is Tony Luke, Sr's son. Our food gets shipped to us 3 times per week from Philadelphia.

The Sicklerville store and others, are franchises.

Come by and see us. We would love to have you :)