Friday, May 27, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 40: It's Summer!

Grab your bathing suit, your suntan lotion, and your best iPod mix. It's shore time.

Today isn't really the first day of summer, but for a lot of us, this kicks off our summer - and shore - season. Sure, the ocean's probably too cold for swimming. And the kids still have to go back to school on Tuesday. But you can feel it. You can almost taste it, too, if you're yearning for Mack & Mancos.

The forecast is hot and humid, so expect EVERYTHING to be busy. So good luck. Keep your patience, even if you're stuck in that backup on the AC Expressway. You're getting there.

I met up with reader Dina this morning to give her a copy of my book. She's from California and new to Philly. She and her husband and heading down the shore for the first time. I hope they have as great an experience as you guys who have been going down every summer since you were born.

Have a great weekend.

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