Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 32: Higbee Beach was once a nude beach

It was! Really! Higbee, which is known now more for being dog-friendly and birder-popular, used to be a nude beach. That ended in 1999, though as I mentioned in this piece in the June issue of New Jersey Monthly, not everyone honors the ban.

I learned that in September when I took a post-book-deadline trip down the shore to sit on the beach and do nothing. I tried Strathmere first, but the bugs to got to me, so I headed down to Higbee with what may or may not have been an alcoholic beverage.

And this happened.

Emily is also a fan. She learned how to swim in the teeny waves on that beach. I'll try to bring her back down to Higbee this summer.

I am back from my shore tour and am working on a post of all that happened. A few highlights: a broken toe (not mine), a casino salon, Bar Tampa's 1999 club mix and Lucy the Elephant's new tail. VERY interesting weekend.

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