Tuesday, August 16, 2011

News & Notes

Check out the August 15 issue of American Way Magazine for my article about Asbury Park. If you're flying American Airlines this month, you can see it in print by checking the seat pocket in front of you.

I've long written book reviews for American Way, and this is my first travel piece for them. My second should be published this fall.

And, if you happen to be house hunting, my mother's house is for sale. There may or may not be embarrassing pictures of me on the walls (EVERYONE had a bowl cut in the '80s). Maybe I'm partial, but it's a great place to grow up. Nice yard at the end of a court that's bordered by a convent. Huge old growth tress. I'm not going to lie: I cried when I saw the for sale sign on the lawn. It's a very special place.

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