Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hunker down time

Atlantic County officials are saying that the bay will meet the ocean on all barrier islands today. For the south jersey shore, that's everyone but Cape May (they weren't clear if they meant JUST their county islands or all the barrier islands at the Jersey Shore). So thoughts and prayers for everyone in that area - whether they chose to stay or not - are appreciated.

And at this point - stay safe, and let's get ready for the cleanup.

For continual, live updates from the South Jersey Shore, you can follow the following accounts on Twitter: @capemaycooke, @atlanticcity911, @jasonnark, @amysrosenberg, @Dgood73 and @s_watson - to name a few. I'm @jerseyshorejen and will be tweeting and retweeting as long as I have power in Philadelphia.

And if you don't have twitter? Today might be a good day to sign up for an account.

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