Monday, August 1, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 85: Right now, the ocean is very warm

When I was on my shore vacation two weeks ago, the ocean temperatures hovered in the 60s. One day, it was 60 - even though the heat index topped 100.

My my my how things have turned. According to Ocean City Patch, the ocean temperature has hit 80 degrees.

"That's the warmest of the year and a mark that Ocean City often goes years without seeing," wrote Douglas Bergen.

That's amazing. I can't remember an 80 degree ocean day. Is it too warm? I have spent a lot of time on the gulf coast in Florida and hated that bathwater temperature water, which it tended to be on our day trips out from college (University of Tampa to Clearwater trips were fairly common).

If you're down there, what are your thoughts? I'm headed down to Ocean City on Saturday and will let you know how it is, if that temperature holds. But knowing how up and down this summer's been, I wouldn't count on it.

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Ann Delaney said...

Roller coaster ocean temps are normal in the summer- and ironically, the hottest days (if there is a west wind) coincide with the coldest ocean. Personally, I prefer the "bath water" temps :)