Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 96: Two and a Half Weeks Left

Am I depressing you with this one? I really don't mean to, but it's true: we only have 2.5 weeks left of the 2011 summer shore season.

I tell you this now, and not next week or the week after that, because I want you to have ample warning that NOW IS THE TIME to get in any last must dos for the shore this year. Didn't get your cone from Kohrs, or your slice of Mack & Mancos, didn't see that sunset at Higbee Beach or that Big Night Out in Atlantic City? GET ON IT.

GET ON IT if you need to do this in, as the Beach Boys called it, the Warmth of the Sun. All of these things are available to you year around. But I know it's not the same if you're a summer fan. So. You've been warned. Get to work.

(I'm down the shore today, but last night, I spent a good chunk of time settling details of the slew of fall trips I'm taking, which include stops in the Outer Banks and Vancouver, among many many more - some for work, some not. As I was looking at those September and October dates, I realized I was automatically skipping over the next two and a half weeks. Writing for magazines will do that to you since our deadlines are so very far in advance. Hence the thought behind this fact of the day.)

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