Friday, August 26, 2011


Irene is no joke, folks, and she's almost here.

I've been tweeting and retweeting information as I have it - if you want to follow along, I'm at

What you need to know:
1. LEAVE. I don't care if you're a lifetime resident or someone who doesn't want to have their shore vacation cut short. Would you rather die? Leave.
2. Gas stations around the shore are already reporting that they'll be running out of fuel soon.
3. Most shops and stores are closed and boarded up as of this morning. I've been retweeting those photos this AM - sights that are unreal to me.
4. Yes, traffic will be bad leaving the shore. But dying would be worse.
5. You're not out of the way if you're inland, either. Philadelphia is on alert. The ground is already saturated. There's going to be a lot of flooding if Irene stays on her current path.

I heard a tip on NJ 101.5 yesterday that if you must be separated from your pet, to take off his or her collar (choking hazard) and write your name and number in black Sharpie on his or her belly. For some reason, this is what really got to me.

I hope Irene turns and heads out to sea, but it's looking like she won't, and that we're going to sustain a major impact. So don't be stupid. Risking your life to ride out this storm just isn't worth it.

P.S. To lighten things up - this article about high roller suites in Atlantic City came out today. What timing.

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