Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 102: Irene is coming

I leave for four days and miss an earthquake and the first freak out about a hurricane. Jeez. Maybe I'm not meant to leave the region.

So as I'm sure you heard (as it was plastered across every single TV at the gym this morning), Hurricane Irene is barreling toward the East Coast and is set to make a mess of the weekend. The weather reports keep changing (yesterday it was YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE and early this morning it was more MEH and now it's back up to WE MIGHT DIE again), but know this: hurricanes are NOTHING to mess around with. Take this from someone who went to college in Florida and was evacuated from her dorm her freshman year.

So pay close attention to the weather. Be smart. Waiting around to just "see" if Irene is ratcheted up to a category three, four or five for its Jersey Shore hit is just stupid.

If this does drop down to a tropical storm and you ride it out down the shore, please be careful about flooding, which will happen quickly and often. Also, if you plan on getting out of dodge sometime on Saturday, you might want to leave early. You'll already be battling rental changeover traffic - add in hurricane fleers and it's going to be a mess.

But boy will Monday make a great beach walking day.

P.S. Moreys will be making a call about the Wild Half tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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Dr. Smith said...

Seriously, you can't stress the LEAVE THE SHORE enough. Storm surge is nothing to mess with. "Run from water, hide from wind"

A few dozen people didn't leave Bolivar and Galveston in time when Ike hit, and most of them drowned. Some were swept out to sea and never recovered.

And that was just a Cat 2.

Dr. Smith said...

I'm glad to see you post this.

When Ike hit us here in Houston, most of the fatalities were people who wouldn't leave Bolivar or Galveston, or waited until it was too late. They drowned, and some were swept out to sea and never recovered. It's not worth it to stay.

"Run from water, Hide from wind"