Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post-Irene Deals

Based on the traffic jams yesterday, looks like a lot of people were headed back to the shore.

If you want to be one of them but didn't have a rental or hotel room, now might be your chance to get a good deal. Yup, it's post-Irene special time.

Here's the few I know:

Cape Resorts - which runs Congress Hall, the Virginia, Star Inn, and Beach Shack in Cape May - is offering discounts if you book this week at one of their properties. Call and ask for details.

Avalon Campground - the place where I spent all my summers as a kid - is accepting walk ins. Just give them a little time to clear off your site. Call first, though. They announced this yesterday and may have filled back up.

Bally's, Caesars, the Golden Nugget, Resorts and Harrah's are all have post-Irene specials on room rates, meals, entertainment and special package deals. Call for details.

The Annual Stone Harbor Sidewalk Sale has been pushed back to this Saturday at 9am. It's always a zoo, and for a good reason. Lots of deals.

That's just what I'm seeing. Anyone else have something to add?

UPDATE: The Scarborough Inn in Ocean City is running a 20% off deal. Call for details.

Don't forget - signed books for $15 through September 6.

P.S. I ended the Jersey Shore Fact of the Day series a week early because of the storm. Doesn't feel like a good fit right now.

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