Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Best Beaches: Redux

Here's your list of winners:

Ocean City
Wildwood Crest
Asbury Park
North Wildwood
Cape May
Seaside Heights
Sea Isle City

First off -- congrats to all the beaches that made the list. LBI did a smart thing and lumped all six of its municipalities together into one for the voting.

What do I think of the list? Considering seven of the top ten (eight if you count LBI) are South Jersey Shore beaches, fantastic. I'm sure Wildwood isn't happy about dropping from first to third, but all three of its major beaches (I doubt anyone voted for West Wildwood) made the cut, which is excellent news.

No one is going to agree on what's best and why -- so if you want to argue about best beaches, go right ahead and hit up on the comments.

My only complaint is poor execution in giving out the results. I was told they were going to be handed out at 11am, so I re-arranged my schedule to be at my desk to write about it. Then when I asked why I hadn't gotten them at yet, I was told it was noon and that I had to wait for everyone else.

So why did the AP story come out at 11:59? From Ocean City while the news conference was in Sandy Hook? If you're going to release results early to one person, fine. But it's 12:30 and I still don't have any official word and was told to sit down and wait like everyone else, which I found condescending. Yes, I blog about the shore, but I also write about it for the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and New Jersey Monthly (to name a few). Maybe that's a little bit "insider baseball" for the blog, but I'm annoyed.

Anyway, argue away in the comments. For what it's worth, my favorite beaches are the 40s and 50s blocks in Avalon; Strathmere; and Higbee Beach in Cape May (and that's the actual beaches, not the towns. If that were the question, I'd give an entirely different answer).

**UPDATE** That list I was supposed to get at noon? Came in at 2:05pm. Someone needs PR 101.

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Ken said...

Can you tell me why the Atlantic City beaches were not included, or for that matter, Ventnor of Margate? They are the largest, cleanest beaches in the state, and as far as Atlantic City is concerned, FREE beaches.

Jen A. Miller said...

Ken, I have no answer for you on that one. I just report what they said...

Justin Gaynor said...

I'm pretty pleased to see Ocean City on top, it's much more deserving than some of the others that I thought would win :) I would have loved to see Stone Harbor on there, though.

RBB_Blog said...

Up until this year we vacationed at 15th and Avalon Ave. The default beach for that street has usually been nice, but has never been very wide. This year we will be south of the fishing pier (closer to 40th) so we are looking forward to the nice, clean, wide beaches of the southern part of Avalon. Of course, the city did just finish a fill at our old beach which I am sure will be enjoyed on our walks up to the Jetty.

RBB_Blog said...

I would agree. The Ocean City beach has come a long way. I remember as a child getting splashed through the slats by the waves breaking under the boardwalk at high tide.

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

The best beach - if we're just taking beach and nothing else - is Island Beach State Park. Hopefully, the fact that it never appears on these lists will keep enough people away. ;) - John

JB311 said...

Hey Jen..I remember when I was a kid that Higbee Beach in Cape May was for the nudists! Think they stopped it in the late 80's or early 90's...

Jen A. Miller said...

JB311 -- '90s. It was a Christie Todd Whitman thing.

JB311 said...

Guess Whitman didn't like Cape May's beaches as much as Jim McGreevy did...lol...