Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surrey Race?

With all this talk about triathlons, I joked that someone should do the bike part of one such shore race in a surrey -- those big group bike things that trundle along the boardwalk all summer long.

Funny idea. But could the "Down the Shore with Jen Surrey Race" actually be happening this year? Maybe. I've approached one town about doing one this summer, and they like the idea but have to talk to a surrey provider and local police first (the first for insurance reasons and the second because part of the boardwalk would need to be shut down for the race).

So let me ask you this question: if there were to be a surrey race in, say, August, would you participate?

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John said...

how many surreys could fit abreast on a boardwalk?

I'm in.

alisa said...

Count us in. We love the surreys on OC boardwalk!