Thursday, May 7, 2009

Northern Exposure

I'm headed to Asbury Park on Friday, and will be spending the weekend in AP and roaming around towns north and south. I have a rough outline for the weekend, which will involve work, shopping for a Mother's Day present (mom, I waited until I was in the Ocean Grove area to shop for you -- not being lazy!), and meeting up with some folks I've connected to via Twitter. Yes, twitter. I wrote a piece about who to follow in South Jersey -- if you're interested.

This weather makes it impossible to pack. Will it rain or won't it? If it does rain, will it still be humid? And if so, do I dress for the temperature, or a little warmer because of the mucky air? If it doesn't rain, how hot will it be? And will it still be humid on top of that? Plus I'm packing running clothes...egads. No wonder I take a lot when I travel down the shore. I never know what I'm going to get!

Mother's Day Weekend should be a busy one at the shore, almost a Memorial Day Weekend preview. I can't think about that right now -- I have to get through this weekend and then go to Key West next weekend (CANNOT WAIT) -- THEN I can worry about the official open to the shore season.

Is it really here already? That was fast...

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