Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shore Fashion 2009

I wanted to do a nice big "shore fashion" post like I did last year, but this time using clothes I've been accumulating since January that I pegged for summer use. But it's the Wednesday before Memorial Day Weekend, my dog got out of the yard today (only to run to the front door), I'm behind on a story and I'm leaving tomorrow to work most of the weekend.

So this is the pile of possible items I'm bringing this weekend. Why it's harder for me to pack for the shore than a long weekend in the Florida Keys, I don't know. Maybe because I have so many different places to be from Thursday through Monday, including:

Cape May Stage Kick Off Party at Martini Beach
Possible meet up with the Redtettemer clan, who is in Cape May for a retreat
Morning interview with Curtis Bashaw, who owns the Chelsea and Congress Hall
Sitting anonymously in a bar to check it out for a possible story
Nights out at Sea Isle Bars -- probably four of them
Running on behalf of vets doing the Sea Isle Tri for Our Veterans
Non-competitive runs with Bill
Dinner with Bill's family
Hanging around with Bill's family
Possible book signing
House tour in Avalon for an article

Get the picture? See any room for the beach in there? I'm hoping to squeeze in some sand time between interviewing Bashaw and heading to my next appointment. We'll see.

I learned last summer that I need a lot more summer clothes than I do winter, for exactly the reasons you see above (and I'm not doing any TV spots -- yet), hence why I start looking in January, usually the slashed-to-the-bone priced summer stuff from the year before that stores must move. Most of last year's buys have been re-used this year. Capri jeans bought at a store-closing sale in August, and from the clearance rack of Six Clothing in Haddonfield are staples, especially for this weekend, where highs will be in the 70s. I'm adding in maxi dresses, which were cool and comfortable, even in Florida

This is a gray floor length dress from Loehmann's(where I've bought most of my summer buys) that cost $29.99. I like the cut, and the gray color, which counterbalances what could be the formality of the length. It's GREAT for flying, too -- like being covered in a light, soft blanket.

Shoe wise, I'm going to with flats, new wedges from Target and the Sidewalk Surfers I picked up this winter.

You'll also see a brightly patterned black and pink dress on that pile in the first picture. It's a strapless French Connection dress I picked up on major clearance from Macy's in New York. I think it cost me a whopping $30 -- not even close to what they're charging online. I'll be wearing that to Martini Beach tomorrow. It has pockets, which I love in a dress, especially when I'm carrying a tape recorder.

Other than that, I'm keeping it cool and casual this summer with a slight 70s and 80s retro vibe (bright colors, wide leg jeans, sling purses and letting my hair go wavy -- take THAT hair straightener). I've packed a few casual t-shirts for the weekend, along with bright patterned shorts I found on the clearance rack of Banana Republic. My favorite buy so far are these Nicole Miller sunglasses, which I got from Loehmann's for $24.99 (originally $150):

They hint to aviator without going overboard.

And of course I'm bringing plenty of running clothes (those are my new trail running shoes in the Mizuno box in the back). Jewelry and makeup, as always, will be at a minimum because that's just how I travel. I briefly lost my makeup bag in Florida, and I didn't miss it. Unless I'm on TV, I'd rather not be bothered. Oh, and I'm bringing a bathing suit and cover up. I don't think it'll be warm enough to hit the beach in my skivvies, but it's a nice thought.

So what's your shore fashion going to be?

**UPDATE**I haven't packed the clothes in a bag yet. Notice something added to the pile?

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caroline said...

whoa, we have very different beach/shore weekends ahead! I head to the Delaware beaches, and I was just thinking about how easy packing (which is normally such an anxiety ridden chore for me) will be super easy... shorts, suits, jeans, sweats, and yoga pants.

Now that I'm more excited to hang out with my nephews and nieces than get all sexied up to get bombed in Dewey Beach, packing is a cinch!

Jen A. Miller said...

Caroline -- I think it WOULD be much easier if I didn't have to work. For Key West, all I had to pack were clothes for was hanging out, the beach, and going out. Maybe someday soon I'll get to do that down the shore ;-)

JB311 said...

Emily could fit in that white clothes basket and be ready to go!