Monday, May 11, 2009

Shore Press

Isn't she pretty? The June issue -- the shore issue -- of New Jersey Monthly is now available online.

I URGE you to check it out in print, too, because it's beautiful. If you're not looking forward to summer 2009 already, this will take you there. This is my fourth NJM shore issue, and I think it's the best so far.

What did I write? Let's start with the larger articles, both about Atlantic City: first, fun things to do in town; second, a "state of the union" piece.

Outside of AC, I wrote about the Wildwood boardwalk controversy and Terry O'Brien and his one-man traveling shore karaoke show. Even though it's not shore related, the feature I wrote about the secret lives of romance writers was a lot of fun -- and who doesn't need a good beach book?

I got a shout out in New York Magazine's Atlantic City article, too -- interesting being the intervewee instead of the interviewer. There's more coming out later in the week, including an interview in Time Out New York and a piece in the big Philadelphia Inquirer shore package.

I'll probably be in Key West when those come out, so I'll link to them next week because I WILL NOT BE ONLINE. Can you see why I need a break? ;-)

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Steve said...

All cool. I shared the Wildwood boardwalk article with my class and they did a current event on it for homework. They also had a lot to say about it. Thanks for the link!