Friday, May 1, 2009

Hagglers, Start Your Engines!

Little known fact: I love yard sales. I love routing through the leftovers of other people's lives and plucking out items for my (still not completely decorated) home. Aside from the monkey candle holder my brother bought me from Target, it's provided the most interesting items for my house: a ceramic orange cookie jar, a wooden Jack Russell Terrier toy on wheels, bright orange and green lawn chairs that hang out in my back yard (and were on the front porch until I took a patio set off my neighbor's hands when they moved e.g. grabbed it from the curb).

If you're like me, or if you like bargains, head to Wildwood Crest this weekend for its annual borough wide yard sale. Hopefully the rain will hold off so you can haggle to your heart's delight.

My only yard sale regret? Not claiming my grandmother's three wheel bicycle before it was put out in the yard sale. It had a basket in the back to carry anything picked up while running errands -- or, with a few modifications, a Jack Russell Terrier.

Oh, and No Doubt is playing at the Borgata this weekend. Not exactly a bargain, but should be a lot of fun. And dry.

Also, quick update on yesterday's post about jobs at Dusk: the Chelsea in Atlantic City is also hiring.

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