Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tri Tri Tri for our Vets

My day started at 6am this morning. Bill was up and ready and eager to go for the second annual Sea Isle Tri for our Vets. I've never watched a triathalon, so I was curious to see what it was like -- turns out, a big show.

Congrats, Matt McCulley (guy in the first picture), for doing a great job (and I know you want me to compete next year -- I can't swim. Maybe the duathon. If I finally buy a bike).

Afterwards, we checked out the VFW in Sea Isle for post-race drinks, and then Bill took a nap that he well deserved. We stepped out for a moment in Sea Isle last night, but I think we're going to go out-out with a group of friends this evening. I haven't been out-out in Sea Isle in a while, so this should be interesting. I'll try to remember my camera. Stay tuned!

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