Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cop Shop

I'm still slamming on a deadline coming up at the end of the week, so while I'm typity type type typing away, check out this article from the New York Times about how Sea Isle bulks up its police force in the summer.

Shesh, do they need it. Last weekend was the first time I've been out in Sea Isle in a while, and the crowds were nuts. I made it to The OD on Sunday (and the "Got Lemonade" party on Monday), and yikes. Did I act like that in college?

Don't get me wrong -- I had a great time, but the sheer number of absolutely blitzed people in one room was eye opening. It's amazing that incidents like what happened to Tracy Hottenstein don't happen MORE often given how many people I saw drinking themselves into oblivion.

I don't want to sound too preachy. I certainly indulged this weekend, but part of me wanted to pull aside the girls grinding on any man that moved and give them a glass of water, point to the Hottenstein flyers that were plastered all over the bar, and say "take a lesson from what happened here and be careful."

Oy, I'm getting old.

Oh, and to the group with the Sh*tster shirts on -- I'm in the background of a bunch of your pictures. Just a heads up in case you're wondering who that stranger is smiling in the background.

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Justin said...

I'm willing to wager a dozen clams and a few pints of beer (from any raw bar) that Seaside Heights has you beat in that "crowd control" department.

I know, I also feel old complaining about "kids." (I'm not even 30, but I'll call them kids.) But, it seems to get worse and worse each summer. At least in Seaside Heights, while there may no be enough cops, the emergency response is swift.

I witnessed a fight break out on the boardwalk between six people on Friday night, and within 10 or so seconds, five cops were there, people were cuffed, and the paddy wagon pulled up 30 seconds later. No time for a fight to exacerbate into a riot.

Really, though, I think it may just be maturing beyond twentysomething life. I was never wild, out-of-control, or a jerk. Although my friends and I certainly indulge, we're respectful.

However, as we age, we are just more keen to jerks around us.

Thankfully, I live in South Seaside Park, where it's quiet!