Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Launch Party Round Up

Well that was fun. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially Lucy's Hat Shop for donating the space, and HughE Dillon for taking photos and writing about the event on his site (and for including me in a post with the Kardashians and Johnny Weir). I'll have tallies of how much money was raised for Lucy soon.

For those who wanted to see the full outfit:

That's a 1970s-ish vintage maxi dress that I bought at La France in Tampa in March. Grand total? $26. No, I'm not kidding. The SLIP cost more than the dress.

If you're coming out to a signing or event, you'll probably see this similar situation:

I can now accept credit card payments via Square. Pretty nifty.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: Book signing at the Rusty Nail in Cape May on Saturday from 4-7pm. Don't worry if you're coming in right off the beach. I most likely will be, too.

A P.S. for the fashion lovers. Some of my recent choices were featured on Couture Allure's blog today. Thanks Jody!

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1 comment:

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Love this dress on you, Jen! Another great color that makes you look glowing. Congrats on the book launch!