Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 47: It's Wing Night at the Windrift

Tuesday night as wing night at the Windrift in Avalon. This isn't just any wing night. It's THE thing to do on a summer weeknight down the shore.

This beach-side restaurant jams up with people looking for drink specials, wings and a party. They have $1.50 Miller Lite drafts and $7 Miller Lite pitchers, and set upa wing in a supplemental kitchen to the bar. According to Shore News Today, they went through 16,000 wings on wing night around the Fourth of July.

If you go, expect crowds, and a lot of messy fingers. It's not the tidiest food in the world, but it's sooo good.

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1 comment:

shann said...

mmmm wing night. one of my favorite parts of my vacation week!!

windrift monday night karaoke is also a blast.