Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review Round Up

"Jen Miller still speaks of the Jersey Shore with the excitement of a newcomer—even though she's considered an authority on the region as a travel destination" via Doug Bergen of Ocean City Patch.

"Move over, J-Woww: there’s another Jen at the Jersey Shore, and she’s here to save the Shore’s reputation from the likes of you...The Jersey Shore is written in the breezy, colloquial tone of Miller’s blog, making it seem like you’re getting vacation advice from a close friend instead of an Expert Author" via Jill Ivey of Keypulp.

"The new edition reads (and looks) like a whole new book. In 2008, Jen took on this book task and had to invent the wheel. In the ensuing three years, she has gotten to know even more about what makes Cape May (and the rest of the south Jersey shore) special. She took a very good guide and turned it into a great one," via Mark Miller (no relation) of Exit Zero.

"The book is a great reference guide- even for us life long locals,' via Ann Delaney of Ann Delaney's Beach Blog.

"The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May isn't just an updated version of the one she wrote a few years back, it's a total overhaul, stuffed nearly to bursting with planning tips, reviews and Shore secrets that only she could pull together. It's not only a good read (and it is), the book is a must-have if you're planning a trip to the South Jersey Shore" via Amy Z Quinn at Citizen Mom. She also shared the essay she contributed to my book about Wildwood, which I thank her for 1000 times over.

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