Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 52: The Sands left $17,193.34 behind

This fact of the day comes to us from 2007, but I put it up on here now for good reason.

The Sands used to be a casino in Atlantic City but was sold to Pinnacle, who promised to build a brand spanking new casino in its place (they didn't). Before the building was imploded, everything and anything inside was sold. The Sands' famous diving horse, for example, is now at the Diving Horse Cabaret.

Items weren't the only things left behind. Money was. Lots of it. Construction workers found $17,193.34 worth of change. Are we surprised that almost every casino skips change now goes by paper bills and printed out tickets now? No thousands of dollars rolling behind the slot machines.

So. Why a 2007 fact now? Because yesterday was the fire sale from the Sahara in Las Vegas, and David G. Schwartz of the UNLV Center for Gaming Research posted picture on twitter as the sale happened. Fascinating stuff.

Hey stop back in later for details on my first TV appearance of the year. It'll happen tomorrow in Ocean City...

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