Friday, June 3, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 45: The Jersey Shore is Mentioned TWICE in Sleepless in Seattle

I'm moving, and while I'm taping up boxes, prepping donations for Goodwill, and throwing so much stuff out (how did I accumulate so much STUFF?), I like to watch movies I've seen 10,000 times before. That way, I can leave the room and not worry about missing something.

So on Wednesday, I put on Sleepless in Seattle. To my surprise there are not one but TWO Jersey Shore references.

The first is in the beginning of the movie when Annie (Meg Ryan's character) is trying on her grandmother's wedding dress, and her mother tells her about when she met Annie's father:

"I was in Atlantic City with my family. Cliff was a waiter. He talked me into sneaking out for a midnight walk on the Steel Pier. I've probably told you this a million times, but I don't care. And then he held my hand. I was scared. All sorts of thing were going through my head. But after a while I forgot about them. At one point I looked down, at our hands, and I couldn't tell which fingers were mine and which were his. And I knew."

Sleepless in Seattle came out in 1993. If you assume Annie is 30 in that movie, she'd have been born in 1963, meaning her parents met in Atlantic City pre-WW II, so this story is perfect. The family vacation, the Steel Pier. It's a small detail, yes, but it's the small, accurate details that make a movie so great.

The second reference is small - one of the stations Annie flips through before she hits on the radio show where Tom Hank's character talks about his situation:

"Coming up, Jingle Bells backwards, sung by the New Jersey Cape Mayettes."


I couldn't find these specific clips online, but here's a great spoof film preview of the movie re-cut as a horror film.

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