Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 58: There's a place to 'go' in Strathmere

Wayne Parry of the Associated Press has been doing a bang up job covering the open beach access issues being debated in New Jersey right now. His latest piece is here. To put this in incredibly broad terms: the state has rules that are supposed to make beaches more accessible to visitors regarding things like easy paths toward the beach and a set number of bathrooms according to size of the beach.

But not everyone is happy with those policies. From the article: "The state is in the process of rewriting its beach access rules. It says it is letting individual towns craft their own access policies rather than dictating a one-size-fits-all approach."

Open beach advocates say this is a way for towns to make beaches harder to reach and less friendly to out of town visitors. Don't want day trippers? Don't give them a place to go to the bathroom. Some towns would charge over $15 for single day passes to do the same thing.

Which brings me the long way to my fact of the day: there's now a port a potty in Strathmere. I was shocked to see it on Saturday as this has been my only issue with going to this particular beach. I'd have to drive up to Sea Isle.

It's right around the intersection of Taylor Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue (what most of us refer to as Landis Avenue). Tip: bring your own toilet paper. It runs out quickly.

I took the photo in this post while sitting on my beach chair. Lovely, right? Hopefully we'll have the same weather for THIS weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Bay Head is the worst. What a snooty bunch there, which is just the way they like it.