Friday, June 3, 2011

Reader Review

Reader review time!

This is from Dina, the woman who I met early on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend she she could buy a copy of the book before it was officially out. She and her husband had just moved to Philadelphia and knew almost zero about the shore, but they'd heard so many great things that they decided to go down for the opening weekend. Here is her email, reprinted with her permission:

"Jen, thanks again for dropping off your wonderful book. We benefited tremendously from your advice. The highlight for us was the full day we spent exploring Cape May - the bird preserve, the hike the top of the lighthouse, the Ugly Mug (and people watching opportunities our outdoor perch afforded), the whale/dolphin cruise, the outdoor music at night, were all spectacular. It was a glorious, memorable day, and we would would never have assembled all of these pieces on our own. Thanks again. I will plan to post a review on Amazon once the second edition is officially available to the masses."

Thanks Dina!

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